Charity projects

Our charity projects

We feel ourselves part of the world, so we decided to become part of important charity projects to make the world a better place for both adults and children. As donor and supporter of charity projects, Singita wants to invest in life, in project s and people we believe in. Rather than becoming involved in large, multinational charity operations, Singita supports small research projects and charitable causes and organizations to improve the living conditions of several small communities in Kenya and India.

Singita proudly supports:


a project whose goal is to promote research in the neuroscience field, in order to find effective therapies for a number of diseases which still have no cure or specific treatment.


an NGO founded by Rafael Selas Colorado to care for children in Kenya. On the island of Lamu, Anidan has built a home where a hundreds of children live and where more than two hundred are assisted. In collaboration with the Pablo Horstmann Foundation, a paediatrics hospital was also built near the home.


a non-profit organisation which pursues the project of building an orphanage and foster home for children in India, between Haridwar and Rishikesh.