Singita format

Singita Concept

Singita is an innovative Beach Entertainment concept, created to offer services of food&beverages, relax, wellness, entertainment, art and socialisation. There are three types of affiliation formats which can be personalised, according to the different locations, the available space and the investment budget.


Base format, with light, small dimension structures. Ideal as an extension of large facilities on the waterfront (hotels, resorts and beach clubs), as an additional revenue source to the bathing and accommodation businesses.


Classic, universal, intermediate format.
Ideal for emerging touristic resorts or in regenerating areas or territories presenting structural limits in the realization.


It’s the Singita Beach format with additional areas and complementary services such as restaurant and swimming pool. Areas and facilities fully customized, based on the partner’s needs.
Ideal for exclusive touristic resorts and the most demanding international and trendsetting markets.

Singita is looking for Partners to spread its Lifestyle Beach concept at a national and
international level. Join the Singita network!!


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