Singita Fregene - Food & Bar

The Singita cuisine in Fregene

Our food offers are in line with the philosophy of well-being. The quality of ingredients constitutes the very base of the Singita cuisine. Summer dishes, Mediterranean pastas, salads, domestic and exotic fruits, seasonable vegetables as well as smoothies, yogurts and ice-cream are the basic elements of our menu, offering light dishes, but intense flavours.
Thanks to Singita cuisine you’ll get the chance to get back in shape! Our summer Sun, sea, sport and open air activities, massages, relaxation and food will help you rediscover your natural beauty and well-being!

Singita’s cocktails

Our selection of cocktails is based on healthy ingredients and fresh fruit. Taste our ‘Mojito’ and ‘Singita ’ with the people you love and get ready to enjoy our beach!

Food and well-being on the beach