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Singita Malta

Singita Miracle Beach

Singita Malta

Singita Miracle Beach

Singita Malta

Singita Miracle Beach



Welcome to Ghajn Tuffieha

Ghajn Tuffieha, maltese for ‘apple’s eye‘, is located on the north west coast of Malta, behind a small village called Manikata. With clay slopes and high cliffs situated on either side of the bay, red sand and clean, clear water, the bay almost looks untouched by man, with natural beauty all around you.

Come here for the unspoilt rural atmosphere, with tamarisk, samphire and acacia flanking a stretch of fine sand, then wait for the sun setting straight into the sea, enjoying the view of this tiny slice of paradise.







Our experience at your service

Singita was born as a synthesis of its founders’ experience in the tourism and travel industry. This professional journey gave birth to an extensive knowledge and understanding of our clients’ needs. We also care about enhancing our clients’ wellbeing, setting a legendary location for them and their events. The Singita beach club in Malta is created for an audience looking for comfort without ostentation and service without invasion.

Our beach club in Malta

In May 2018 the first Singita outside Italy was inaugurated, in the amazing natural setting of Ghajn Tuffieha, north of Malta.
The green area and the blue of the sea surround the kiosk , where every morning healthy and energetic breakfasts are prepared for those who like to do sports from the early hours of the day.
As evening falls, the soft light of candles and lanterns, and the notes of chill out music lead us towards sunset, which remains one of the most spectacular moments of the day.


We present the next events of the Beach Club of Malta. To see the full list you access the specific page. Live your summer with us!

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