Singita Malta - Beach Wedding

Singita Miracle Beach:
your wedding at Singita Malta

Have you always dreamed of a romantic wedding reception by the beach?
At Singita your dreams can come true: the sunset, the sea, the sand, the candles, the lanterns and the fire of the torches will create the fabulous atmosphere you are looking for.
You will have a reserved area with canopies, Latvians, white towels, cushions and Balinese tables. Aperitif and dinner are served buffet style, overlooking the sea.

The lounge and chill out music will make the evening even more magical and suggestive. There are many services we offer to make the event unique: professional DJs, live music, light and sound games, and artistic performances.
The evocative settings, the quality of service, attention to detail and strong emotions have always been the hallmarks of Singita events. Your wedding will be unforgettable.

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