Singita Malta - Sunset Aperitif

Sunset Aperitif
at Singita beach club in Malta

At Singita, the moment of sunset becomes unforgettable. The beach dresses up in the night dress, transforming itself into a living room under the starry sky: large white sheets are spread over the sand, while lights, torches, cushions and Indonesian tables welcome all the people who want to enjoy the show.

Sunset magical aperitif

The Sunset Ritual

The lounge on the beach becomes the magical setting of the Sunset Ritual every evening: from the heart of the beach the Tibetan gong spreads its mystical sound to greet the end of the day, following the sun that fades beneath the horizon. The audience applauds at Singita, “miracle” in the Swahili language.

Music & Art gives your aperitivo an extra touch

Lounge and chill out sounds caress the aperitivo moment at sunset, also animated by artist performances. A unique atmosphere of sounds, scents and colors that penetrate the heart and soul.