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We feature the CD range labeled Here comes the sunset, four volumes of lounge and chill-out music selected by Italian and international DJs, such as José Padilla, the mind behind the much celebrated Cafe del Mar collections, as well as Marco Fullone, artistic director of Radio Montecarlo.

Lounge, Chill out, Rare Groove, Balearic are examples of music genres played at Singita Miracle Beach.
Singita lounge music encompasses  different mixes and various sound schemes that define a unique musical footprint, enriched by events and guests such as José Padilla, Chris Coco, Stephane Pompougnac, Marco Fullone, Rue du Soleil, Sagi Rei and others.

Music by Singita Miracle Beach
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> Singita 10th Anniversary – compiled by José Padilla & Glass Coffee

Singita 10th Anniversary – compiled by José Padilla & Glass Coffee

This is José Padilla‘s second compilation for Singita Miracle Beach. “I feel honored that they asked me to participate in their 10th Anniversary celebration. Singita is an emblematic place, full of positive energy, with its own spirit and I feel at home here. This feeling has inspired me to produce ‘Singita’, an exclusive track for this anniversary compilation. From the bottom of my heart, I wish the very best to the Singita family and I hope it keeps growing and expanding around the world.”

As for Glass Coffee, Singita’s resident dj, this magical beach can’t mean less to him than a desired daily destination, “a true paradise” where he simply loves playing his music “blessed by a gorgeous sunset“, finding himself “every time enhanced and joyful”.

Singita mixes the need for health and relax during the day and a party mood by evening. This compilation is an eclectic mix of music that shares the same denominator, a relaxed feeling. Two CDs featuring 25 tracks of contemporary electronica with the freshest sound, creating a compilation that perfectly matches the exoticism of Singita Miracle Beach.

Expect nu-disco, Balearic sounds, electro-jazz and classy house music come together to take you on a musical journey of retro-futurism, featuring some of the hottest producers and artists currently in the scene, such as Joakim, Lee Burton, Trevor Deep Jr, Begin, Silent Poets , The Grid, Welcome Back Sailors, Being Borings, Mario & Vidis, Appo, Towards Green, Scsi-9, Nu, Seconds, Session Victim, Sun Glitters, The Time And The Space Machine, as well as exclusive unreleased tracks from José Padilla, Chris Coco, Phil Mison and Mikael Delta.

> Here Comes the Sunset – Volume 4

Here Comes the Sunset – Volume 4

Ogni estate vengono lanciate innumerevoli serie di compilation con la pretesa di rappresentare “la vera Ibiza”. In realtà, una sola persona merita questo riconoscimento grazie alla sua musica: il suo nome è José Padilla che per primo arrivò sull’Isla Blanca nel 1975.

Per José è sempre stato molto stimolante sperimentare nuove sonorità ispirandosi ai colori del tramonto. Come lui stesso afferma «I tramonti della magica Isla sono diventati leggendari e rappresentano una parte essenziale dell’esperienza ibizenca, culminanti nell’applauso caldo come il sole che sparisce tra le onde e accompagnati da sperimentazioni musicali che negli anni si sono evolute nelle tanto amate compilation Café del Mar, vendute in oltre 5 milioni di copie in tutto il mondo.»

Da un quartiere povero nel nord della Spagna, José è stato così catapultato nel jet set della musica internazionale – Londra, New York, Parigi, Montecarlo, Amsterdam, Miami, Dubai, Mosca – divenendo il vero e proprio ambasciatore musicale dell’isola.

A Maggio 2011 Singita Miracle Beach è orgoglioso di presentare Here Comes The Sunset- Volume 4 con la musica selezionata dal leggendario José Padilla.

Da sempre Singita rappresenta il desiderio di evasione, di emozioni forti, di tramonti sensazionali, di sapori e profumi esotici e di suggestioni. Questo è esattamente ciò che si vive ascoltando la selezione musicale di José: «Questa selezione rappresenta la connessione tra Oriente e Occidente, seguiti da suoni contemporanei che portano il futuro al presente. Ed è stato creato per essere ascoltato con gli occhi chiusi dall’inizio alla fine in modo da sentire così lo spirito di questo posto incredibile che è il Singita Miracle Beach»,  afferma.

Dodici brani di elettronica contemporanea con un suono fresco creano una compilation che rappresenta perfettamente l’esotismo del Singita. Un eclettico mix di musica che condivide lo stesso denominatore: una sensazione da sognoHere Comes The Sunset – Volume 4 è una selezione melodica di suoni mid and up tempo con la partecipazione di importanti etichette di musica elettronica e di artisti tra i più acclamati: Prem JoshuaSmokey BanditsBlundettoCoyoteBlue pilots ProjectIlya SantanaEduardo CastilloWorst FriendsBostro PesopeoBubble Club MusicChris Nemmo & Bliss.

> Here Comes the Sunset – Volume 3

Here Comes the Sunset – Volume 3

Under direction of Marco Fullone, Music Designer of Radio Monte Carlo and RMC2, Here Comes the Sunset -Volume 3 is the musical project highlighting the two prominent vibes representing the essence of Singita.

CD1 – Singita by day
Soundtracks representing the magic time in which the Singita gong is rung, at the very moment when the sun kisses the horizon. In this particular moment, in which one’s look gets lost between the sky and the sea, the music rises thanks to extraordinary musicians such as Lonnie Liston Smith – spiritual and cosmic jazz hero of the 1970s- , Kevin Yost, Lura, Jackie Terrason, Jazzanova, Jon Lucien -extraordinary interpreter of the 1970s-, Tom Baxter, Noa -with the splendid version of Eye in the sky by Alan Parsons and finally the unique tracks exclusively selected for Singita: the Japanese violinist Jenny Bae and Dr. Silence with the participation of the lovely Antonella Ruggiero in a song that will leave you breathless.

CD 2 – Aperitif time
A compendium of new jazz sound spreading energy and good vibrations along with influences ranging from jazz to bossanova, soul to slightly more sophisticated pop. Amongst many names, the legendary Sergio Mendes particularly stands out with a beautiful version in French of Agua de mazo, interpreted by Zap Mama, then the irresistible Club Des Belugas with the classic It don’t mean a thing and finally the special performances of Incognito, Mr Scruff and the legendary Earth Wind & Fire with a remix by Blaze.

> Here Comes the Sunset – Volume 2

Here Comes the Sunset – Volume 2

A blast into the past to recall emotions and memories through new and modern sounds.

The compilation contains 15 tracks, including  famous songs and soundtracks of films – real cinema history milestones-  perceived through the lens of chill out music. To name a few: Every Breath you take by Sting, Bohemian Rhapsody by Freddy Mercury, Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers and The Mission by Ennio Morricone.

Francesco Pezzulli – one of the most prominent interpreters of Italian cinema, known as the Italian voice of Leonardo di Caprio – will introduce the revisited  soundtracks of  The Deer Hunter, The piano and Mission reciting  some of the most famous movie quotes.

> Here Comes the Sunset – Volume 1

Here Comes the Sunset – Volume 1

Conceived as a journey accompanied by the sunset, this selection starts with soft rhythms, culminating in a crescendo of enthusiastic and captivating sounds. It includes 12 tracks selected by the Spanish DJ Ramon Gonzalez among new artists, according to the philosophy that particularly distinguishes Singita,  multi-ethnic fusion of lounge and chill out sounds inspired by flamenco, tango, rhythms and oriental rhythms.

The compilation represents the perfect soundtrack to savor the traditional Ritual of the Sunset celebrated at Singita, when everybody is lying down on white blankets and soft pillows, illuminated by Mexican fires.

The atmosphere is relaxing yet rare, creating the music backdrop of the suggestive show offered by the sun.