Singita Word style

Every day a boutique corner is set up on the beach. In our boutique corner the chill out atmosphere and love of travel find expression in unique clothes, objects andaccessories are created exclusively for Singita.

The Singita style, between exoticism and
made in Italy

Inspirations capable of interpreting the Singita style are sought throughout the world, with the suppliers ranging from Moroccan to Balinese craftsmen, Indian andThai tailors and seamstresses, not to mention Blomor, an up-and-coming company of made in Italy streetwear.

Singita and Gialuca Gentili

Since 2012 Gianluca Gentili – an unconventional and visionary Roman architect – shares his outlook on life with Singita by creating exclusive works to decorate our beaches, together with stupendous ‘Painting T-shirts’.

You can’t stop the day passing and you can’t stop life, but if you’ve done everything you could to be happy and conquer what you loved, you’ll have peace at every sunset